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Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions

Hand tied weft allow you to have the length/volume that you desire without compromising the integrity of your natural hair. Other methods such as keratin bonds or tape in extensions risk hair loss and damage unlike our method which is gentle and chemical free.
Hand tied wefts allow your extensions to be virtually undetectable.

*A consultation is required before Extension Installation
appointments can be booked

Consult: Complimentary 30 min consult is required before extension installation. 

Weft Cost: This cost can vary depending on length and amount of wefts needed. Your stylist will go over this pricing during your consult.

Install: $200 per row of weft. This takes about 45-60 min per row.

Move Up: $125 per row. You will need a move up appt about every 6-8 weeks.

The wefts themselves can last anywhere from 8-12 months depending on your at home care and consistent maintenance appointments. The way your rows are installed allows the extensions to grow out naturally with your hair, so every 6-8 weeks you will need to come in for a move up appointment to have them brought back up. At these appointments we will take out your rows, clarify your hair, and reinstall your extensions.

For best and long lasting results  we recommend you follow the at home care card which will be given to you after your install! 

What's the cost ?

How long will the hair last?

How Do I Wash & Care for them at home?

How many rows
will I need?

If you want wanting extensions to add length you will typically need 2 rows. If you are wanting to add volume/thickness you will typically need just 1 row. 

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