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W A X , L A S H, T I N T

We offer a variety of waxing, tint and lash services!



$30 Eyebrow Wax/Shaping

$20 Lip

$20 Chin

$30 Underarm

$50 Bikini

$70 Modified Brazilian

$90 Brazilian

$40 Arm Half

$50 Arm Full

$55+ Back Half

$60 Full Face

$55 Half Leg

$75+ Back Full

$115 Full Leg


$25 Tint Brows

$30 Tint Lashes

$50 Lash/Brow Combo


Brow Lamination + Tint $95

Lash Lifts $95-150

One way to think of a lash lift is like a perm for your eyelashes. Unlike a lash extension, a lash lift alters the shape and color of your natural lashes. ... The treatment involves “boosting and lifting each individual lash, before tinting them for thicker, darker, longer looking lashes. 

Brow lamination involves straightening and lifting the hairs using a chemical solution, which allows the hairs to have more flexibility to move them into your desired shape, therefore covering any gaps or stray areas.

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