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I am your go-to girl for all things social media & marketing!

Growing up, I’ve always had an itch for creativity. I wanted to work in a field that allowed me to think outside the box everyday and create something from an idea I have and seeing it come to life! 

For the last 9 years, I’ve worked in the retail industry and loved every second of it. It grew my love for fashion, people, creating intentional relationships, and matcha.

Any matcha lovers out there? 


Since graduating, I was blessed with a job in my field and worked for an online business. I was able to grow my experience and love for social media but quickly realized that I am someone who enjoys waking up to a new day and creating a connection with someone new!


I love being intentional, kind and honest. I love hearing how someone’s day is genuinely going, what brings them joy, and being that BFF you didn’t know you needed, even just for a day! Did I mention I’m the best hype woman? 

Outside of Sopra, you can find me at the gym, hanging out at local coffee shops, planning my next trip, going to church with the roomies and spending most of my Saturdays off at weddings doing what I love most in the world -

videography & content creation.


I absolutely love what I do (social media) and LOVE that I’m able to chat my little heart away and

help others in any capacity!  I can’t wait to meet you

at Sopra next time you’re in!

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