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The Color

Our team is ready to transform your vision into reality, creating a look that's uniquely yours. Feel the confidence, embrace the transformation, and let your color journey unfold in our chairs.


A hand painted technique that gives a sun-kissed effect, with softer, less noticeable regrowth lines for low-maintenance and effortlessly beautiful style. 

Starting at $185+ (varies between stylist)

Full Highlight

Applies color to a large section of your hair, brightening your overall style. It adds depth and can be tailored for a natural or bold look. Starting at $165+ (varies between stylist)

Partial Highlight

Brightens specific sections of your hair, adding a touch of dimension for a sun-kissed effect.

Starting at $145+ (varies between stylist)

Root Touch Up

A color refresh for your roots, covering any regrowth to maintain a seamless and vibrant look.

Starting at $105+ (varies between stylist)

Root Touch Up + Gloss Through Ends

A color refresh for your roots, covering any regrowth while a gloss through ends adds a glossy finish, created a polished and refreshed overall look.

Starting at $135+ (varies between stylist)


The Haircut

Elevate your style. Begin with a refreshing shampoo wash and relaxing head massage, followed by a precision cut tailored to you. Finish with a blow dry and style, leaving you looking and feeling fabulous.

Women's Haircuts Starting at $65+ (varies between stylist)
Men's Haircuts Starting at $45+ (varies between stylist)
Kid's Haircuts Starting at $45+ (varies between stylist)

Move Up


The Extension

Hand tied wefts allow you to have the length/volume that you desire without compromising the integrity of your natural hair. Other methods such as keratin bonds or tape in extensions risk hair loss and damage unlike our method which is gentle and chemical free.
Hand tied wefts allow your extensions to be virtually undetectable.


Complimentary 30 min consult is required before extension installation. 

Weft Cost

This cost can vary depending on length and amount of wefts needed. Your stylist will go over thispricing during your consult.


$275 & up per row of weft.This takes about 45-60 min per row.

$220 & up per row. You will need a move up appt about every 6-8 weeks.

SAMANTHA HOLLI CREATIVE-299_websize_edited.jpg

The Keratin

A luxurious experience that tames frizz and enhances shine. Enjoy sleek, smooth locks with long-lasting results, leaving your hair effortlessly radiant.

Keratin starting at $350 
Keratin Express starting at $150

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