Hey girl, I'm Lo

I wanted to be a hairstylist because first, I absolutely love hair, always have. Second, I love humans. I love to laugh with people, befriend people, listen to people, be there for people, hug people, encourage people, and ultimately make people feel known and loved. And what better way to do that, than to spend 2 and a half hours at a time with them?! And third, because I know it is the career path God has written in my story. If you want to know how I know that, feel free to ask me for more of my story when you’re in my chair! :)


I have been in the hair industry since 2016 and have been extremely blessed with a very detailed artistic eye and the skill to back it up! I am known for my balayage painting and detailed/creative color work! I also strive to put the same amount of passion and effort into each client no matter what they are scheduled for! I want for my clients to leave feeling the the Queens that they are, on the inside, AND the outside! 


When I am not in the salon you can find my with my family because well to say I am close with my family would be an understatement! I am so very thankful to be living life alongside my better half (Jordan, my hubby) who keeps me laughing morning and night! In my free time you can find me doing all things art: calligraphy, painting, sketching, singing, play guitar & violin, and of course hair art! 


A few things I LOVE A LOT for no reason other than they make my heart tingle with joy are 

1. Cold Brew coffee with heavy cream (that’s my coffee order in case you’re feeling nice )

2. Justin Bieber (like I’m a serious Belieber)

3. Sports (all things athletics)

4. Ice cream. (I could truly only eat ice cream ever again, and be totally content)


The reasons I know you’d enjoy your time with me are these

1. I’m silly and easy to feel comfortable around 2. I ask lots of questions in order to truly understand exactly what you’re looking for in your new hairstyle, cut, color, etc 3. I genuinely care about each and every one of my clients and am not just here to do your hair (although that’s the bonus of course ) I want to be your friend. I would absolutely love to get to know you and start together on the journey to you wearing the “crown” (that’s your hair because you’re a queen!) you’ve always wanted and dreamt of! If you are looking for a lot of laughs and a beautifully painted hair that grows out great then I am your girl!


Give me a follow and start dreaming up your new hair

because I am ready for you!


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Root Touch up $80+

Root Touch up + Haircut $105+

Partial  Highlight $110+

Partial Highlight + Haircut $135+

Full Highlight $135+

Full Highlight + Haircut $160+

Balayage $185+

Balayage +Haircut $210+

Color Specialist-

only offers haircuts with a color service

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Monday 8:30-5

Tuesday 12-8 every-other

Wednesday 8:30-6

Thursday OFF

Friday 8:30-5
Saturday 8:30-5