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D R.  L A U R E N

Dr. Lauren Headshot

Hey there, I am Dr. Lauren Bessey!

I was born and raised in a small beach town in southern California, and many would say I still have the ocean running through my veins. I am a proud mom of three kids with my incredible husband, Jason. When I am not busy with my family or working, you can find me outside running along side my favorite running partner Dexter, my big cute hound dog! I love spending time outside staying active and living a healthy lifestyle. That southern California girl is still in me in a strong way, I love spending time at the ocean and take pride in the fact that all my kids have stood up on a surfboard!

I always knew growing up I wanted to do something to help people. I have a love for people, am a major busy body and constantly strive to learn new things. Becoming a doctor was a no brainer for me! I have been a family physician since 2008. As I have grown in my career and in my life, I have learned how important and necessary a healthy lifestyle and self care is to our mind, body and spirits.


 My goal is to create a space where my patients feel seen, heard, and valued. When a patient walks through the doors of our Med Spa I want them to know our staff are trained to value their time, money, experience, and most importantly their our personal definition of beauty.

I believe a little bit goes a long way in this industry which is why I specialize in enhancing your natural beauty without going overboard! Whether you have done injectables for years or are brand new to it and are looking for natural looking enhancements then I am the one for you!

Hope to see you all in my treatment room soon!



Tuesday 9:00-1:00
Thursday 8:30-12:30




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