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I have been a stylist since 2014 and have never turned back! It's amazing to me that I am able to live out my life long dream of being a stylist in a stunning salon with amazing people! My dream started when I was a little girl. My mom didn't know how to braid my hair so I had to teach myself and that is where my passion started. That quickly developed into doing everyone else's hair! I was very shy growing up but I always loved being around people. I loved watching and learning from people even though I didn't love talking. Since becoming a stylist I have grown to love the conversations, connections and relationships I get to have and build with all of my clients! 

Art has always had a place in my heart and doing hair is just a form of that. I get to use my creativity to make you feel just how beautiful you truly are on the outside, as you are on the inside I think part of seeing your beauty is slowing down from the every day chaos that is life to relax a little and not to mention doing something for yourself always has a high rate of return. As a busy mom of 3 I know just how important and valuable your time is. I love using my creativity to create multi dimensional blondes and lived in color that lasts so you that you will get the most out of your hair appointment. I also love the skill and art behind cutting hair. If you haven't found a stylist that can get your cut quite right then give me a try, I would love to get my hands on your hair and help you achieve the hair goals of your dreams! Hope to see you in my chair soon!



Tuesday 9:30-5:30

Wednesday 9:30-2:30

Thursday 9:30-5:30

Saturday 8:30-5

Kid's Cut $50

Men's Haircut & Style $50

Women's Haircut  $80

Root Touch up $125+

Root Touch up + Haircut $165+

Partial  Highlight $170+

Partial Highlight + Haircut $220+

Full Highlight $195+

Full Highlight + Haircut $235+

Balayage $225+

Balayage +Haircut $275+

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