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How much does it cost?


Upper lip -  ($42/treatment)

Chin -  ($42/treatment)

In Between Brows -  ($42/treatment)

Face - ($78/treatment)
Face + Beard -  ($98/treatment)
Underarms -  ($54/treatment)
Bikini Line - 
Brazilian -  ($84/treatment)

Arms (Full) -  ($96/treatment)

Arms (Elbow Down)  -  ($78/treatment)
Legs (Full) -  ($168/
Legs (Knee Down) -  ($120/treatment)
Back -  ($144/treatment)
Chest -  ($90/treatment)

Abdomen -  ($90/treatment)
Chest + Abdomen - ($162/treatment)


How many sessions?

Laser hair removal takes

6-8 treatments per area

(4-8 weeks apart)

What's the downtime?

No downtime! You just can't workout or sweat excessively the day of the laser after your treatment because you don't want to irritate the area

Don't Pluck. Prior to a laser hair removal treatment, patients must abstain from tweezing, waxing, or any other unwanted hair treatment that removes hair from its root. 

Don't Tan. You should avoid tanning beds as well as sun exposure in the 4-6 weeks prior to your laser hair removal treatment. Do not use self tanner or tanning lotion at least 7 days before appointment. 

Don't Moisturize. Please arrive with clean skin. Before your laser hair removal treatment, avoid applying any lotion, sunscreen, perfume, or other similar cosmetics to the surface of your skin.

Shave. Shave the day before your session. 

Pre-Treatment Hair Removal Instructions


Hair removal has become the #1 non-invasive aesthetic procedure.

The spectrum uses an 810 nm diode laser to permanently remove and reduce unwanted body hair. The laser can be used on all skin types. Our nurses perform all Laser Hair Removal services.

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