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My mother is a Cosmetologist, growing up around her salon I always found it fascinating to watch her transform someone and to see the excitement in their face when she turned them around! My mother is a strong inspiration for why I am a Cosmetologist today. I started out in college studying to be a Physical Therapist because my passion has always been to help other people. After some thought I figured out I could help people in a different way by helping them achieve the look they desired and feel incredible leaving my chair. Aside from being enveloped by cosmetology from an early age, another driving factor was my desire for creativity! Cosmetology has allowed me to be creative and express myself while helping other people express themselves.

Coloring hair is one of my favorite aspects of my career. You'll most likely never see me with the same colored hair from the time before. Speaking from personal experience, I know how enhancing and changing your hair color can make you feel and that smile on my client's face after their new look is my absolute favorite part. Everyone's favorite part about going to the salon is getting your hair washed and your scalp massaged and I'm confident to say that I give one

heck of a scalp massage!

When I'm not at work my main hobby is sewing costumes. I enjoy replicating notable fashions and creating my own unique looks. I enjoy cosplaying characters from different pop cultures or ideas that pique my interest. I'm a Drag Queen and have been doing it since 2012! I enjoy performing at local venues when ever possible. I also have a huge passion for food! If you're hungry and looking for new place to eat, you've come to the right guy. Food has always been my favorite topic to talk about because I believe food is what helps bring us all together. Who doesn't like eating?! Some people have even suggest I start a food blog.

I can't wait to meet you, give you the best head massage in the city and transform your hair to look as fabulous as you are!



Monday 9-5

Tuesday OFF

Wednesday 9-5

Thursday 11-8

Friday 9:30-5

Saturday 9:30-5 (everyother)

Blowdry & Style $55

Men's Haircut & Style $50

Women's Haircut  $75

Root Touch up $135+

Root Touch up + Haircut $175+

Partial  Highlight $165+

Partial Highlight + Haircut $205+

Full Highlight $185+

Full Highlight + Haircut $215+

Balayage $220+

Balayage +Haircut $260+

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