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Well where do I start, maybe here….

I’m a Southern gal from TN through n’ through and ventured to the Midwest in 04’. It’s been a gradual growth filled with worthy experience. I have a BFA in graphic design that I thought was worth pursuing; turns out, I was way wrong :) However I believe that things do have a way of working out for the best!

I’ve always had a knack with working with my hands. “Maybe that’s why I was a picker at an early age” haha. Yes, we’ve all had our bouts with acne and when it surfaced for me, I wanted nothing but to get rid of it. I instantly started to try and find solutions for my acne. Learning about skincare and finding solutions for my skin's needs is where my love for skincare all started! I absolutely love giving facials and helping my clients get the results by utilizing different techniques that are custom to my clients skin. Honestly though, my favorite part of facials is knowing my client has drifted away into a deep relaxing state (and sometimes totally fall asleep!) In our fast past world, it is so important to take the time to relax, rejuvenate and give yourself the well deserved pampering you need! Come to think of it, maybe being an Esthetician was always secretly within me.


During my time away from the salon, you can find me at Enjoy Pure Food and Drink. I help make all the baked goods and goodies. One of the many things that interest me is baking and being able to switch up ingredients in recipes. If you are ready to make a change in your skin, enjoy some relaxation time and maybe get a few baking tips, then I am definitely the esthetician for you! Hope you see you in my treatment room soon!


Friday 8:30-5

Saturday 9-4 (everyother)

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