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Behind every small business is a small business owner- and seeing that I am 5 foot tall I’d say I fit that description pretty well! From a young age I have always been artsy and loved being involved with people. Becoming a stylist was a no brainer for me! I became a stylist in 2009 and started at Sopra in 2010. It combined my love for others as well as allowing me to be creative and keeping my day to day different! Although every client kept my days different I always felt myself longing for more! I am a dreamer, a go-getter and I put my all into everything I do! It shows in all my new ideas, projects and ambitions- one of those being in 2017 when I took the boldest leap and bought Sopra from its original owner; it was one of my best decisions. Since 2017 I have made Sopra into my own and it is truly a dream come true!


My favorite things in life consist of laughing, gathering friends together, house plants, and baking- I am famous for my brownies and dare you to find one better than mine :) I am always down for, well really anything - trying new things, traveling to new places, meeting new people! In my free time I love to spend time with my loving husband Chris and our two kids Violet and Roman. We love traveling to all different places but the beach is our happy place. The waves crashing, the soft sand, the amazing sunsets, nothing about the beach ever disappoints. It truly is the one place that completely relaxes me.  

Speaking of happy places, I want to make YOUR happy place coming to Sopra.  

I will always be an owner who is involved and wants to listen to you, whether you have a question about which stylist to see or what spa service you should treat yourself too I am here for you! The little details are so important; they are the difference of a mediocre salon and an outstanding one. 

I can’t wait to see you at Sopra and share the space I like to call my second home 🖤

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