Hey, I'm Kellin

My love for nail artistry started back in my Sophomore year of high school. I had gotten several concussions from sports that made me go on brain rest. For those of you who don't know; you aren't allowed to do anything on brain rest besides sitting there and painting your nails.This is where my love for nail art blossomed. That love only grew to nail services as a whole when I entered the industry. Let me tell you there is nothing more satisfying than a before and after on a pedicure and knowing that your client is leaving happy!


 I've been a Nail Tech since 2015 and have been a certified Advanced Nail Tech since 2020. I strive to provide a clean and sanitary service so my clients will feel at ease and have one less thing to worry about. On top of a safe and clean service, I will also be super attentive to your personal needs and preferences. If you are looking for a great leg massage I'm your girl! I've had several clients rant and rave saying I've given them the best massage with a pedicure they have ever experienced. 


When I'm not at Sopra you can catch me watching some type of sporting event. As a Kansas City native I have had a lot to cheer for these last couple of years. My friends tell me I'm the "Grandma" of the group since I have an old soul. It may also have a little to do with that I have a love for knitting and sewing. I also have quite the collection of grandma sweaters that I have acquired through thrift shopping. I like to go thrift shopping because I am a huge Earth Nerd and try to find ways to be as zero waste as possible. I've tried to have a green thumb with plants, but unfortunately I have killed most of them. What I do succeed in is giving my plants "punny" names for example my Aloe Vera plants name is Aloeson. If anyone is able to give me some planting tips or wants to talk sports while getting your nails done go ahead and give me a try; you won't be disappointed!


Sopra Express Pedicure $38 (30 Minutes)

Sopra Pedicure $48 (45 Minutes)

Sopra Signature Spa Pedicure $58 (60 Minutes)

Sopra Hot Stone Spa Pedicure $65 (70 Minutes)

Sopra Natural Manicure $27 (30 Minutes)


Sopra Natural Spa Manicure $37 (45 Minutes)

Sopra Gel Manicure $37 (45 Minutes)

Sopra Gel Manicure + Gel Removal $42 (60 Minutes)

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Saturday 9-5

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