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I’ve always been a creative person and from a very early age I knew I wanted to be a hairstylist. There was the time I cut all the hair off the top of my teddy bear’s head, or when my sweet childhood best friend sat patiently while I showed her I learned how to french braid. I remember being a sophomore in high school when I went to get my hair colored by my sister in law while she was in cosmetology school. From that day, I knew that was the path I wanted to take. 


I love art. I love painting. I love creating, so when the Balayage technique came around, I quickly fell in love. I specialize in blonding, so I get very excited when a client sits down in my chair asking for balayage, lived-in color, low maintenance color, etc. because I know I get to create a beautiful, custom work of art worthy of a post-salon selfie!! 


I have been behind the chair since 2010 and it has been my mission to really listen to my clients wants and needs, but not only that, to help them feel as confident and beautiful as they truly are. Isn’t it amazing how much a fresh haircut or lived-in hair color can make you feel like you need to be on the cover of Vogue immediately?! THAT is my favorite way to make a client feel at the end of a service, because we all deserve to feel that way!!! 


My husband, Drew, is my best friend in the entire world. We’ve been together since I was 17 and no one makes me laugh more than he does. If there’s one thing you need to know about me- I love to laugh and I love to make people laugh. My family always thought I was going to be on SNL with all of my accents and characters I created. I was born an entertainer and I'm pretty comfortable in front of a camera, so during the early days of the pandemic, my husband and I made hair tutorials for youtube. I wanted to stay connected with my clients if I couldn't be with them physically.   


Our lives changed forever in 2018 when our first daughter, Sloan, was born. Less than two years later she was followed by her sister, Cooper. It has always been a dream of mine to stay home with my kids while they’re itty bitty, but the hairstylist part of me always knew I needed to be in the salon to some capacity. 


I am over the moon excited to be at Sopra to keep my skills sharp, connect with other adults, and hopefully make someone's day!

If you’re looking to add a bit of dimension to your hair, get a whole new head of hair, or maybe just something in between, I'm your girl!

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Monday 9-6

Root Touch up $135+

Root Touch up + Haircut $175+

Partial  Highlight $175+

Partial Highlight + Haircut $215+

Full Highlight $195+

Full Highlight + Haircut $235+

Balayage $240+

Balayage +Haircut $285+

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