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Hey there, I'm Brittany!

My passion is, and has been since I was about 16, health, wellness and fitness! It started as fitness and has grown into the wellness side! I learned this through massaging. I kind of fell into massaging by seeing the lifestyle that it could provide! From there it turned into seeing how massage can be a tool to help people with anything from nagging injuries to just an hour of complete relaxation away from busy life and thoughts that follow us everywhere! I love to make the hour into whatever the client needs… it’s their hour!


I am from California and moved to Kansas/Missouri for a new adventure of experiencing the mid west (especially the winter)! I love trees and the rain and it will always remind me of home! If I’m not massaging, I am coaching CrossFit, working out, or probably reading! 


I look forward to creating relationships through meeting my clients and hopefully making it the best hour of their day! 


30 minutes- $65
45 minutes- $80
60 minutes – $100
75 minutes- $115
90 minutes – $130




30 minutes- $75

45 minutes- $90

60 minutes – $110

75 minutes – $125

90 minutes – $140



Monday 8:30-12:00 or 2:00-6:00 (everyother)

Saturday 8:30-3:00

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